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The Emerson String Quartet has accumulated an unparalleled list of achievements over three decades, including over thirty acclaimed recordings and nine Grammys®. 

Posted: Oct-27-2015
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The quartet performs a three-part series, "Passing the Torch,” in April and May. 

Posted: Mar-23-2016
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Track Listing: 

1. Allegretto gioviale
2. Andante amoroso
3. Allegro misterioso
4. Adagio appassionato
5. Presto delirando
6. Largo desolato
7. Alternate version with soprano: Largo desolato
8. Getragen
9. Sehr breit
10. Moderato: Gemessen
11. Leicht bewegt (Andante)
12. Sehr langsam, zögernd
13. Komm, süsser Tod, arranged for soprano and string quartet by J. Peter Koene
Posted: Sep-11-2015
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"For nearly 40 years, the Emerson String Quartet has commanded a certain reverence from music lovers. Its polished and authoritative performances, its comprehensive and mighty discography, its fearless embrace of the new and unusual as well as the classics — all have placed this string quartet high in the pantheon of chamber music."

— Seattle Times
Posted: Apr-22-2015
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Posted: May-4-2016