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"And amid all of Mahler's - and Goethe's - angels was the most angelic singer on the planet: Heidi Grant Murphy. She stepped in at the end to present her usual miracle of control, beauty and sublimity."
The New York Sun
"Soprano Heidi Grant Murphy was the soloist in this piece commissioned by the Philharmonic. Her voice poured into Avery Fisher Hall like molten gold, without ever sacrificing technical precision."
Associated Press
"Ms. Murphy showed how the effect of intimacy and expressive directness depends on technique: on exquisitely precise control of intonation, color and phrasing. Of course natural assets also help. Ms. Murphy's voice has an unusual brightness and lightness and would be delightful to hear even if not wielded with such artistry. But artistry is most certainly there, and effective."
The New York Times
"Mrs. Murphy's singing is tasteful, clean, and pure - like spring water...if you want a complete recital - that is to say, one with a variety of music, and challenges - it's hard to do better than Heidi Grant Murphy."
The New York Sun
"From first to last her singing was sensitive, deliciously multicolored in tone quality, and altogether stupendous in its technical control - you realized that this was why people have adored and worshipped the human voice. Add to the above an acute, truly chamber-musical awareness of where she was, of those around her...Murphy's quiet singing was a beauty; so was the way she could produce, all in one continuous phrase, everything a vibrato can be: wide, narrow, fast, slow, subtly fading away, and non-existent."
The Boston Globe
"Her sound is lovely, and she had that kind of dexterity that makes listeners hold their breath in awe. She never hides difficult notes or passages beneath vibrato or affectation. Murphy is the most natural of sopranos."
The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Murphy's singing was involved, charming, almost spontaneous. Its near innocence was something that can't be manufactured - and was the magnetic center of her communication in both pieces."
Houston Chronicle
"Soprano Heidi Grant Murphy imbued the text with a disarming blend of innocence and charm."
The Detroit News
"Her voice was blemishless and silvery, her singing immaculate, limber and precise."
"Soprano Heidi Grant Murphy was the standout vocal soloist, a charming performer with a spectacular voice that communicates simply but also handles flurries of notes with aplomb."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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