Conductor | North American Representation

"Stenz makes the orchestra play beyond itself, and future appearances should not be missed."

The Washington Post

“Stenz exuded endless energy from the podium. Even in moments of lyrical reflection, he kept a sense of tension going, so that the music seemed capable of sprinting off again at any moment.”

The Baltimore Sun

"Conductor Markus Stenz stressed the ruthless savagery of the music, but also made it glimmer with dark beauty." 


“Markus Stenz is a master of the German repertoire, as demonstrated from the first notes of Wagner’s “Parsifal,” played with beauty and clarity, through the triumphant final notes of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. He led without a baton, using his expressive hands to communicate to the furthest corners of the stage. The large and diverse audience responded enthusiastically throughout.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Sparks flew on the stage as he led the players through a performance that combined historically informed practices — minimal vibrato from the strings, snappy tempos — and striking ideas about dynamics and pacing to deliver an ear-opening experience.”

The Baltimore Sun

"Stenz provided sensitive support and drew wistful, loving contributions from the orchestra."

The Washington Post

"And there was no shortage of expressive nuance from the players. They seemed firmly connected to the wavelength of principal guest conductor designate Markus Stenz, who revealed considerable sensitivity and imagination at every turn. One more sign that his association with the BSO -- the three-year principal guest tenure officially begins in the fall -- is going to be rewarding."

The Baltimore Sun
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