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Gerard Schwarz is one of the most controlled, poetic conductors around. His sense of restraint and precision of his sonic punctuation makes these very familiar symphonies seem fresh and alive every time.
The Seattle Times
Mr. Schwarz's investment in Seattle, since 1985, has helped the orchestra thrive.
The New York Times
The orchestra rolled out a smooth, plush, delicately veiled collective texture in Bright Sheng's arrangement of Brahms' Opus 118, No. 2, Intermezzo.
The Los Angeles Times
Here is typically selfless, unaffected music-making from the admirable Seattle Symphony/Schwarz partnership. Aided by clean-cut, nicely responsive orchestral playing, Schwarz locates an unadorned, deceptively powerful purity in Appalachian Spring.
Schwarz and the Seattle players convey all the power and drama, with a particularly fine account of [Mennin's] single-movement Seventh Symphony , its five sections skilfully balanced.
BBC Music Magazine
The opening Allegro [of Beethoven's Eroica Symphony] had weight, even muscle. It was propulsive, the momentum going forward in an inexorable way. The music making was exciting for all the best reasons.
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
With recordings of all the symphonies of William Schuman in the works and of two long-ago Metropolitan Opera premieres-Howard Hanson's Merry Mount and Deems Taylor's Peter Ibbetson-awaiting release, Gerard Schwarz is no slouch when it comes to promoting American music.
Musical America.com
Schwarz has always been particularly skilled at finding in such ripe romantic string passages [Variation 18 of Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini] the right balance between milking and pressing forward.
The Seattle Weekly
The Seattle Symphony Orchestra is a remarkable gift to this community and we are fortunate to have such talent in this region.
The Valley View
The orchestra played with exemplary precision and balance; particularly outstanding was the brass section. [Rimsky-Korsakov's Russian Easter Overture].
The Seattle Times
Music and musicians align for a stellar performance.
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Schwarz took the orchestra through Bruckner's vast canvas of orchestral colors and articulations, building and diminishing the sound, bringing out sudden virtuoso solos that quickly receded back into the ensemble....Schwarz unfolded the score with unhurried patience, making a strong case for this powerful and complicated score.
The Seattle Times
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