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"Mr. Trpceski has formidable technique and energy to spare. He dispatched volleys of thick, crashing chords with steely tone and power, and conveyed contrasting passages of scampering runs with clarity and lightness. He tore through the double-octave outbursts with arm-blurring speed and no sense of strain. Yet in tenderly lyrical moments he caressed the phrases, playing with naturalness, never milking anything."
Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times
"His concerts and EMI Classics CDs have demonstrated a range of strengths rarely united in a young pair of hands. Electrifying virtuosity, but no whiff of show-off. The most delicate feelings, yet nothing precious or lacy. Head plus heart, lots of heart. What more could a music lover ask?"
Geoff Brown, The London Times
"Macedonian pianist Simon Trpceski is clearly the real thing - and then some. It was obvious that Trpceski not only possesses a gigantic technique, but also temperament, musicality, and intelligence in even more impressive proportions."
Jim Svejda, KUSC FM Los Angeles
"There's a grand romanticism about Trpceski's interpretations, as well as an attention to detail in which he picks out powerful bass lines and unusual inner voices or chooses unexpected yet convincing rubatos. His phrasing of the songful trio embedded in the manic second movement is simply magical. There's also something ideal in the intimacy of Trpceski's identification with the music and the beauty he finds in the breadth of contrast between nightmare and reverie."
Jessica Duchen, BBC Music Magazine
"Just as awe replaces critical scrutiny when faced with Trpceski's formidable mastery, you remember how such towering virtuosity is complemented by an equally remarkable refinement. If few pianists have stormed Chopin's Second Sonata's first movement more heroically, even fewer have played the Funeral March's central Elysian Trio with such poise and concentration. Such unfaltering style and assurance are enough to make lesser pianists weep with envy."
Bryce Morrison,, Gramophone
"He is a distinctly modern artist, playing with illuminating clarity, high intelligence, complete technical assurance, and textural accuracy. Listening to this Chopin program, one has an illusion of musical architecture floating in space. This is a pianist who always has clever ideas about music; nothing seems wayward, routine or arbitrary. His sense of structure is impeccable; everything sounds logical, inevitable and supremely musical."
Jack Sullivan, American Record Guide
"The qualities that make Trpceski's playing so distinctive - the finely judged balance between muscularity and sensitivity, his delight and affection - allow him to be strikingly extrovert, witty and at times even playful in Debussy, without ever losing sight of the profundity and mystery."
Tim Ashley, The Guardian
"Simon Trpceski's luminous sound and technical ease make this recital of Debussy piano favourites positively irresistible. This is subtle, clever, imaginative pianism of the very highest quality."
Anna Picard, The Independent
"The best thing to come out of Macedonia since Alexander the Great is pianist Simon Trpceski. The thorniest musical scores just seem to fall over when Trpceski approaches, their most difficult challenges handled with such ease that technique is simply never an issue. This pianist is pretty good at conquering audiences as well as scores, not only with his playing but also with an engaging manner that connects with his listeners."
Melinda Bargreen, Seattle Times
"In this Debussy repertoire he harnesses the subtlety and spontaneity that mark his playing with an infallible ear for atmosphere. He transcends the technical challenges that bestow most of the pieces, to find the music's defining traits and conjure up images that are profoundly evocative. These images can be elusive, evanescent or swathed in mystery, but Trpceski's performances have the ability to encapsulate an idea, however fleeting, and to fix it in the mind as part of a larger, more complex, more all-embracing picture."
Geoffrey Norris, The Daily Telegraph
"Trpceski 's clarity was striking, and no matter how many notes he was playing, they never lost their fleet purposefulness. Trpceski plays the big lyrical variation with a degree of classicism Rachmaninoff would have admired."
Mark Kanny, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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