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Dallas Opera: Death and the Powers

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Death and the Powers - Notable Press

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History of Dallas Opera

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"Death and the Powers" Digital Press Kit

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Riviera Radio Interview with Tod Machover

Machover discusses his new opera, Death & the Powers with Monaco's Riviera Radio
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Tod Machover's "Symphony for Lucerne"

Premiere performance, September 5, 2015.

Tod Machover (*1953)
Eine Sinfonie für Luzern
Auftragswerk von LUCERNE FESTIVAL | Uraufführung
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Announcing "Symphony In D"

What does Detroit sound like? The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) and composer Tod Machover will ask every Detroiter that question in the coming year as they work with the community to create a collaborative symphony with sound submissions and conceptual contributions from the public.
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Ich höre Luzern -- I hear Lucerne -- Episode 5

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A Symphony for Lucerne.

"A Symphony for Lucerne" is a project initiated by the Lucerne Festival in collaboration with composer Tod Machover and the citizens of Lucerne. Using as many noises and sounds as possible gathered from Lucerne, Tod Machover will compose a piece from and for Lucerne. And those who are 'all ears' are co-composers!
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Tod Machover - 'Death and the Powers;' a robotic opera

MIT Media Lab Professor Tod Machover discusses his robotic opera, 'Death and the Powers.'
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Death and the Powers: The Robots' Opera

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