November 30, 2015
Seattle Symphony Releases Giya Kancheli's NU.MU.ZU for Free Download and Streaming

In response to recent world events, the Seattle Symphony released Giya Kancheli’s emotional new work, Nu.Mu.Zu for Orchestra, today for free streaming and download. The work conveys the composer’s struggle with comprehending violence and his hopes for a better future. Conducted by the Seattle Symphony’s French Music Director, Ludovic MorlotNu.Mu.Zu was recorded live at its U.S. premiere a week before the events in Paris and Beirut. To stream or download the recording, click here.

Morlot shared, “Earlier this month, we were deeply touched by Nu.Mu.Zu, and by the sentiments Kancheli expressed about his hopes for a world without violence. After the recent terrorist attacks in my home country of France, and elsewhere, we felt strongly that this music should go out into the world and be shared with everyone.”

Nu.Mu.Zu means “I don’t know” in the ancient language of Sumerian, which is from the Mesopotamian region, or modern-day Iraq. Kancheli shared the following reflection about the piece, “What is happening in the world is gradually, step by step, destroying the last hope in my consciousness, without which, for all of us, life loses its meaning. ‘I don't know’ what will happen in the future. However, having lost hope, I keep dreaming about a world in which fanaticism, sectarian strife and violence are no longer the dominant features of world order.”

“In light of recent events, we decided to bypass our usual record label distribution process to let this deeply moving composition be heard by as many people across the world as possible,” added Seattle Symphony President & CEO Simon Woods. “The beauty of this music and Kancheli’s plea for peace is very timely as Americans go into the Thanksgiving holiday, with thoughts for those across the world who are living through frightening and challenging times.” 

Program notes by Seattle Symphony Annotator Paul Schiavo can be downloaded here.

The release of Nu.Mu.Zu for Orchestra is made possible through the generosity of Martin Selig.

About the Recording

Music Director Ludovic Morlot leading the Seattle Symphony in the N. American premiere of Nu.Mu.Zu on November 5, 2015 at the Benaroya Hall. (Photo credit: Brandon Patoc Photography)

The Seattle Symphony’s performances of Giya Kancheli’s Nu.Mu.Zu for Orchestra, conducted by Music Director Ludovic Morlot, were recorded live during the November 5, 6 and 7, 2015, performances in the S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium in Benaroya Hall. It was edited and produced by Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Dmitriy Lipay, in consultation with the composer. Nu.Mu.Zu was co-commissioned by the Seattle Symphony and the National Orchestra of Belgium. The world premiere took place in Brussels in October 2015. Nu.Mu.Zu is published by Sikorski Music Publishers.

This recording is being released for free streaming and download on the Seattle Symphony Media label, through SoundCloud. 

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