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Three Venetian Canzoni
(edited by Raymond Mase)

  • Canzon 19
    Gioseffo Guami (c. 1540-1611)
  • Ricercar del sesto tuono
    Andrea Gabrieli (c. 1520-1586)
  • Canzon 22
    Bastian Chilese (fl. 1600)

Quinteto Concertante
Osvaldo Lacerda Chóte (1927-2011)

  • Scherzo
  • Seresta
  • Rondó

Copperwave (2006)
Joan Tower (b. 1938)


Brass Quintet No. 2 “American” (2016)
Kenneth Fuchs (b.1956)

Three Fantasias in Church Modes
Thomas Stoltzer (1475-1526)

  • Hypophrygian
  • Hypodorian
  • Hypolydian

Chesapeake (2010)
David Sampson (b. 1951)

  • Morning in Annapolis/Setting Sail
  • Full and By
  • Bloody Point
  • St. Michaels/Crab Claw


*Due to continuously expanding repertoire from commissions, these pieces are most likely to rotate with similar works over the course of the season

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Posted: Jul-13-2016
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