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Schumann Complete Works for Piano 4-Hands
Released: October 28, 2003
Catalog Num: CD 3X3001
Andante and Variations for 2 Pianos, 2 Cellos and Horn in B-flat, Op. 46; Kinderball, Op. 130; 6 Impromptus, Op. 66; Ball- Scenen, Op. 109; 8 Polonaises, Op. III; 12 Vierhändige Klavier Stucke fur kleine und Grosse Kinder, Op. 85; Studies for the Pedal Piano, Op. 56; Sketches for the Pedal Paino, op. 58 (Anthony Halstead, horn; Laszlo Varga & Olga Hegedus, cellos; Annie Frankl, Peter Frankl & András Schiff, pianos).
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