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Label: Albany
Released: December 1, 2004
Catalog Num: 720
Tom Cipullo - Secrets: "Blizzard", "Secrets", "The Almanac of Last Things", "Because", " The Arithmetic of Alternation", "Weather Forecast", "Drift", "RSVP Regrets Only", "The Dogwoods", "In Back of", "What We Want", "Drift & RSVP Regrets Only", "Subway", "The Book", "In the Middle of a Life"; Richard Lalli: Lessons, for voice & piano, The Train, for voice & piano; Richard Pearson Thomas: Droplets, for voice & piano; Francine Trester: Three Greens: "The Octopus", for voice & piano, "Mouse Song"; Christopher Berg: Three Greens: "The Night Gallery", for voice & piano. Tobé Malawista, Scott Murphree, Richard Lalli, Margaret Kampmeier.
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