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Recognized as an artist of passion and integrity, the distinguished American pianist Peter Serkin has successfully conveyed the essence of five centuries of repertoire.

Posted: Oct-27-2015
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Recitals by Ana Vidovic, Mishka Rushdie Momen, and Peter Serkin & Julia Hsu. 

Posted: Nov-7-2016
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When Adam Fell, Op. 89, Pastorals, Op. 19, Marching to Carcassonne, Op. 74 (Peter Serkin, piano)

Posted: Feb-23-2013
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“Under Serkin’s sharply etched piano touch, the notes moved through the orchestra with a special clarity, as if in their own spotlight, as if the accompaniment were in black and white and the piano were in color, as if he played in 3-D. Each phrase had a geometric, hard-edged, architectural precision and complexity.”

— The New Yorker
Posted: Apr-3-2014
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Posted: Jul-13-2015