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Recognized as an artist of passion and integrity, American pianist Peter Serkin is one of the most thoughtful and individualistic musicians appearing before the public today. Throughout his career he has conveyed the essence of five centuries of musical repertoire. His performances with symphony orchestras, recital appearances, chamber music collaborations and recordings are respected worldwide. "He is one of the supreme musicians of our time" (New York Magazine).
Posted: Sep-9-2011
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"It was a performance of delightful deftness, quick intelligence and mastery."


Posted: May-26-2015
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“Under Serkin’s sharply etched piano touch, the notes moved through the orchestra with a special clarity, as if in their own spotlight, as if the accompaniment were in black and white and the piano were in color, as if he played in 3-D. Each phrase had a geometric, hard-edged, architectural precision and complexity.”

— The New Yorker
Posted: Apr-3-2014
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Posted: Jul-13-2015