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"For nearly 40 years, the Emerson String Quartet has commanded a certain reverence from music lovers. Its polished and authoritative performances, its comprehensive and mighty discography, its fearless embrace of the new and unusual as well as the classics — all have placed this string quartet high in the pantheon of chamber music."

Seattle Times

“The group remains one of our best chamber ensembles, not merely precise but expressive and intelligent to the last ounce.”

OC Register

"Their revelatory account of Beethoven's Op. 131 at Lincoln Hall embraced the music's strangeness with warmth and humanity."

The Oregonian

“Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: The “old” Emerson String Quartet never phoned one in. But this new group — Mr. Watkins alongside the violinists Eugene Drucker and Philip Setzer, and the violist Lawrence Dutton — complemented their customary power, finesse and unanimity with a fresh, palpable vigor at Tully, and it was electrifying.”

The New York Times
"... with musicians like this there must be some hope for humanity."
The Times (London)
"The performances were everything we have come to expect from this superb ensemble:  technically resourceful, musically insightful, cohesive, full of character and always interesting."
The New York Times
"Few string quartets have regularly displayed such individuality among members -- an ideal stance for coloring and differentiating the complex strands of the fugues."
The Philadelphia Inquirer
"The precision and grace with which the ensemble dispatched the opening of the final movement was breathtaking, and by the adrenaline-pumping coda it was difficult to sit still."
"Arguably the world's best group of chamber musicians."
"The Emerson has staked its claim to being the one indispensable quartet in a world that is constantly creating more, excellent ensembles."
"These are high-powered performances with at times terrifying attack and explosive accenting...they are mightily impressive."
"...the Emerson played with vigor and style ...infusing the familiar music with energy and transparency."
Houston Chronicle
"The Emerson String Quartet...has the easy virtuosity, precise sense of ensemble, rhythmic vigor and rich polished tone..."
The Washington Post
"The last movement of Haydn's String Quartet in D major was played with brio, nimbleness, and a forward drive. One sat on the edge of one's seat."
New York Sun
"The Emerson performances represented an extraordinary fusion of experience and authority with audacity and freshness."
The Boston Globe
"The Emerson is one of the most impressive of American string quartets."
The New York Times
"I very much doubt whether Haydn ever heard his music sound like this; and if that is so, then I think it was a deprivation much to be regretted on his behalf."
"The Emerson quartet's reading of Beethoven's Op. 130 with the 'Grosse Fuge' was a definite statement of the group's high-impact personality and style - a physical and expressive marriage of individual liberty and cohesive ensemble."
Detroit News and Free Press
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