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Label: Dacapo Records
Released: January 1, 2009
Catalog Num: 6.220533
Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (b. 1932), one of the most important composers in Scandinavia, is both famous and notorious for simple, contrastful music that often borders on both the entertaining and the absurd. The contrastful and simple are also evident in the first recordings of the two works on this release: the piano concerto Plateaux pour Piano et Orchestre followed by Holmgreen's most expansive solo piano piece For Piano. The pianist in both works is the young Finn, Juho Pohjonen. The piano concerto is with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and the Dutch conductor 2238 Ed Spanjaard.

Juho Pohjonen's Album is available from Dacapo Records

Plateaux pour piano et orchestre (2005)
1. I Brut
2. II Simple. Prêsque rien
3. III Murmure
4. IV Brut
5. V Brut
6. VI Sombre. Simple
7. VII Murmure dans la boue
8. VIII Composition
9. IX En majeur

For Piano (1992)
10. I Sound and Silence
11. II Lullaby
12. III Keep Going (Little Bird, Blue)

Recorded in the Danish Radio Concert Hall on 4-5 October 2007 (Plateaux pour piano et orchestre) and 10-11 June 2008 (For Piano)
Recording producer: Preben Iwan
Sound engineer: Jan Oldrup
Editing: Preben Iwan
Mastering: Preben Iwan and Jan Oldrup

Cover image: Denise Burt, http://www.elevator-design.dk

Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen AS, http://www.ewh.dk

Dacapo Records acknowledges, with gratitude, the financial support of Dansk Musikforlægger Forening
This SACD has been recorded in cooperation with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation
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