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"The persuasive power of (their) performance came from the exquisiteness and eloquence the four players brought their lines...but it also came from how all of them phrased together - and, it seemed, breathed together. The Orion Quartet is a configuration of particular sensitivity and bravado."
The New York Times
"The Orion performed with confidence, precision, fluidity and surprising wit. The ensemble's style is tightly cohesive, with attention to nuance and crisp ornamentation."
The Los Angeles Times
"Memo to the chamber music world: emulate the Orion String Quartet."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"The performance of Schubert's Quartet in G, D. 887 was one of rare beauty. The Orion's interpretive choices seemed to issue from a single mind and, more important, from a single heart. Their musical fabric was woven of affectionately tapered phrases, each instrumental strand emerging seamlessly from those around it."
The Washington Post
"Playing of comfortable virtuosic hue, no matter how dense the fabric...There was a marvelous unanimity of performance style, and even a lushness to its rapidly shifting demands."
The Toronto Star
“This was a musical and spiritual experience to cherish, and an evocation of light and hope in a darkening world.”
Oberon's Groove
"With such excellent players, the Orion Quartet is stylistically sophisticated and technically impressive."
New York Post
"The Orion's performances were illuminating, marked not only by abundant sensitivity and clarity, but also by a sense that the music was being explored anew."
Cleveland Plain Dealer
"The power, finesse and emotional fervor of the Orion String Quartet transfigured the new and the old alike into something majestic."
Dallas Morning News
"Four strong personalities in total rapport, with all the technical equipment necessary to the most demanding music...there would seem no limit to how far this quartet can go."
Strings Magazine
"It was chamber music at its most rarefied, an outpouring of patrician elegance. Artistry was achieved."
The San Diego Union-Tribune
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