January 9, 2020
Hochman's Mozart Recording Featured in New York Times

Benjamin Hochman's recording of Mozart Piano Concertos No. 17 in G and No. 24 in C Minor (Avie) with the English Chamber Orchestra has been featured in a piece by Anthony Tomassini for the New York Times

Mr. Hochman, whose career as a pianist has been thriving, took time off recently to study conducting. It was time well spent. The stylistic insight, elegance and sparkle of Mr. Hochman’s pianism are beautifully matched by the playing of the orchestra. The finale of the Concerto in G, structured in theme and variations form, is exceptionally inventive: Each variation comes as a bit of a surprise.

To read the full article, featuring new recordings of standard repertoire from artists such as Sir András Schiff and Daniil Trifonov, click here

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