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"He is one of the most penetratingly serious masters of the keyboard before the public today. Full stop."

Boston Globe

"He found song where others find formula; he conveyed song where others play scales."

Los Angeles Times

“But so successful was the evening that the critic can only throw up his hands, wish you had been there, and quote Ira Gershwin's endearing tombstone inscription: 'Words Fail Me.'”

New York Times

“His phrasing was both imaginative and thoughtful, with some exquisitely soft and refined passagework that sounded as if the keys were brushed with a feather, not struck with fingers.”

The Seattle Times
"He drew listeners with his singing tone, elegantly shaped phrases and exquisite contrapuntal detailing."
Los Angeles Times
"Among current piano titans, Andras Schiff is the Zen master. He is both utterly relaxed and absolutely awake; taken together, those qualities add up to an unbreakable focus. He is tireless and seemingly infallible, and his playing is window-clear. Listening to Schiff play is like looking into a running stream and seeing all the colorful, round pebbles beneath the water."
San Jose Mercury

"There are few artists who can play the classics from Bach to Brahms and Bartók with anything like comparable mastery. And fewer still who can speak about music from such a depth of knowledge and experience and with such an obvious love for communicating the joy of music."

La Scena Musicale

"There wasn't a moment in the intense recital not made to mesmerizingly matter."

Los Angeles Times

"He cast a spell from which one could sense the entire hall subsequently awaken." 

The Independent

"There is nothing more reliable in the world of classical music today than pianist Andras Schiff playing Bach."

New York Times

"Andras Schiff's recital was one of the great musical events of the season."

Washington Post
"Andras Schiff would make Bach proud."
New York Magazine
"Schiff went straight to the heart of the matter in a no-frill manner: with neither baton nor score, he shaped rather than conducted a beautifully detailed performance, indicating rather than dictating to the orchestra - more authentic than the authenticists."
The Times (London)
"Schiff's interpretations were beautifully conceived with an intimacy and insight that spoke of his own profound feeling for the music."
Daily Telegraph (London)

"Schiff stands with perhaps only a handful of pianists in his total achievement of the most severe beauty."

Philadelphia Inquirer
"It was music of the highest order."
Boston Herald
"There are many things to marvel at in the playing of pianist Andras Schiff."
San Francisco Chronicle
“He picks his words carefully as if he has a limited supply and doesn’t want to waste any, but he spreads them broadly. All without sheet music and without notes. But he is far, far funnier than you would ever expect, and again like Haydn, understands how to time a moment’s silence to perfection.”
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