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"The American musicians bring utmost cohesion, balance and expressivity to each of the scores they perform with ear-catching intensity and finesse."


“Among North American brass ensembles none is more venerable than the American Brass Quintet.” 

New York Times

"Positively breathtaking."

New York Times

"The members of the American Brass Quintet breathe as one, provide effortless well-matched phrasing, and generally produce a superbly balanced, fine golden sound."

Los Angeles Times

“The ABQ brings forth a confident and exceptionally balanced performance, highlighting the artistry of five working as one.”

International Trombone Association Journal

"The high priests of brass."


"The ABQ’s sound is both immaculately blended and thrilling in terms of sonic punch."

The Arts Desk

"It is quite impossible to overpraise the playing of the American Brass Quintet...they have everything...brilliance, attack, perfect ensemble and intonation, and a tone quality of unrivaled purity, range and power...a concert of such high quality one could only single out a few of the outstanding moments...sombre beauty...feather-like delicacy...technical brilliance...wonderful sonorities. For one listener in a long and full career of over half a century this was concert was a unique experience."

The Telegraph

"There really isn’t a better source for contemporary classical brass music than the ABQ."

Audophile Audition

"The quintet’s clear sound and precise articulation let the music speak with big-time personality."

Aspen Times

"The American Brass Quintet filled the cathedral Tuesday evening with a range of color and sound that was astonishingly rich and varied..just as impressive was the variety of music involved, taking in its stride works from the fifteenth century to the present day...show players with the verve and power of this fine quintet."

The Times (London)

"The program was clearly the result of careful preparation...the performance both from an individual and ensemble viewpoint was exemplary, and in addition a noble one in quantity and qualiry the group pays rewarding attention to dynamic gradation."

Western Mail
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