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Cheer, Boys, Cheer!
Label: New World Records
Released: October 24, 2006
Catalog Num: 80652

1. Cheer, Boys, Cheer ! by Henry Russell

2. Screech Owl Gallop by W.H. Hartwell

3. Capt. Jones Waltz by Edward William Leinbach

4. Ever of Thee by Foley Hall

5. Listen to the Mockingbird by Septimus Winner

6. Dead March by Edward William Leinbach

7. Dearest, I Think of Thee by Karl August Krebs

8. Lula Is Gone by Stephen Foster

9. Grand Confederate Quickstep by Anonymous

10. Zampa: Ballade by Louis Ferdinand Herold

11. Cast That Shadow From Thy Brow / Ella Leane 

12. Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr by Anonymous

13. Brightest Eyes by Girogio Stigelli

14. Serenade Waltz by Amelia A. Van Vleck

15. Irish Emigrant's Lament by William Dempster

16. Parting by Karl August Krebs

17. 21st Regiment Quickstep by Edward William 

18. Nun danket alle Gott by Anonymous

19. Easter Gallop by Edward William Leinbach

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