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Yannick Nézet-Séguin, conductor

Philadelphia Orchestra, March 2022

David Angus, conductor

Boston Lyric Opera, May 2019

Richard Farnes, conductor

Metropolitan Opera, February 2019

Vinay Parameswaran, conductor

Blossom, August 2019

Pierre Vallet & Roberto Kalb, conductors

Opera Theatre of St. Louis, June 2018

John Adams, conductor

Paris & London, December 2016

Yannick Nézet-Séguin, conductor

Metropolitan Opera, October 2015
"Emotion suffused every moment of her eloquent, impassioned New York debut recital. She met with elegance and confidence all the challenges of a varied program... (She) has it: an honesty and assurance so impressive that you want to call it bravery. Hers is better than a good voice; it's an interesting one."
The New York Times

"In a time that many young singers sound polished but somewhat monochromatic, no one seems to have told Jennifer Johnson Cano to play it safe. Ms. Cano’s highly individual Orphée was a star turn of significant proportions. Her burnished mezzo has it all: size, color, agility, evenness and individuality."

Opera Today

"Soloist Jennifer Johnson Cano’s performance Thursday was one of those instances where I almost sensed mouths dropping open in amazement. Her voice seemed to hold the packed house still for four and a half minutes."

Atlanta Journal Constitution

"It is impossible to forget the sound of Jennifer Johnson Cano’s gorgeous mezzo-soprano voice. Her instrument rang with perfectly balanced chiaroscuro. Championing new music with precision while exhibiting prominence in traditional song repertoire, Johnson Cano’s performance was dynamic and exquisite."

Palm Beach Daily News

"(Cano) is now on my short list of singers to follow. Closely." 

David Patrick Stearns, Philadelphia Inquirer

“Dramatic intelligence and imagination suffused every note of Ms. Johnson Cano’s performance. Endowed with an attention-grabbing dark mezzo, its depths bracing like strong coffee, she seems to thrive in the role of a storyteller.”

New York Times

“She moves her lines with purpose: each phrase builds on the last. “

Opera News
"With the first notes of Porpora's ultra-baroque homage to Jove, it was obvious that Cano has a voluminous voice with remarkable agility in her higher range and a molten contralto quality lower down, gliding between these registers with seeming ease."
The Washington Post
“Her fresh, fruity tone was a pleasure to hear; so was her effervescent phrasing. She rather gilded the lily with her “joyful” deportment in the Laudamus Te movement: the smile in her voice so completely expressed the sentiment that no special gestural emphasis was needed.”
Opera News

“Cano was excellent, letting the music flow with a pure sound and just the slightest inflection, sounding like a woman who knows the power of her beauty and wields it with honesty and love.”

New York Classical Review

“Her voice is radiant and intense, rich in the lower part of her range, bright and precise at the top, with astonishing evenness throughout. For such a commanding singer she also cuts a remarkably approachable persona on stage, and has an uncanny ability to discern and embody the character of each song.”

Boston Globe

"She’s a voice, talent and temperament to be reckoned with."

Seen and Heard International

"The finale benefited from the riveting contributions of soloist Jennifer Johnson Cano. Her deep, velvety mezzo and impassioned phrasing gave Jeremiah's warnings such startling immediacy that I wouldn't have been surprised to see people in the hall ducking under their seats"

The Baltimore Sun
“Her voice seems to come out of a happy nexus of heart, soul and brain that lends an authoritative weight to every note.”
The New York Times

“Cano’s lovely mezzo timbre, affinity for Baroque style and emotional projection of the text were a real luxury.”

South Florida Classical Review
“She moved from temptress to shy maiden with aplomb, her warm, freely-produced voice always hinting that there is much more power in reserve, should the occasion warrant it. Carmen, Amneris—watch out for this mezzo!”

San Diego Story

“She was all fire and passion.”

Arts Fuse
"Jennifer Johnson Cano brought a fresh, appealing mezzo to the songs, conveying their tender romanticism in a way the visual presentation deliberately undermined."
The Chicago Tribune
"Those who missed Monday's recital by the young mezzo-soprano Jennifer Johnson Cano at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater lost a rare opportunity to hear a fine talent with a promising future right at her doorstep."
The Washington Post
"Jennifer Johnson Cano brought a sincerity and emotional depth to these beautiful songs that made the texts' occasional excesses seem completely irrelevant."
Chicago Classical Review

“Jennifer Johnson Cano was truly stellar. She, in fact, was the complete package, a voice agile and forceful, spacious and laden with emotion. Whether proclaiming "good tidings to Zion" or distilling the anguish of Christ's rejection, she was a poignant medium.”

The Plain Dealer
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