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"Zukerman again seemed the forever-young virtuoso: expressively resourceful, infectiously musical, technically impeccable, effortless. As usual, it was a joy to be in his musical company."

The Los Angeles Times
"The most distinctive aspect of Mr. Zukerman's playing, something that struck the ear right away, was his remarkable tone production. He is a total hedonist at heart, and without pressing or forcing his instrument he generated a warm, liquid sound that effortlessly filled the hall."
The New York Times
"There's no denying Zukerman's legitimate claim as a triple threat. His violin playing is bright and sinuous, his viola playing is rich and soulful, and he conducts with an abundance of spirit."
The San Francisco Chronicle

"Fine intonation, a full-range spectrum of dynamics, generous vibrato and always thoughtful and vivid phrasing were the hallmarks of his performance."

The Plain Dealer

“His playing had a freedom and ease that allowed the music to bloom of its own accord. His tone gleamed with a silvery vibrancy.”

The Orange County Register

"At times passages of rapt and lyrical beauty sent a shiver down the spine; the effect was spellbinding. Such performances such as this from Zukerman come along all too infrequently and will live long in the memory."

Seen and Heard International
"It was a powerful, memorable performance by a magnificent orchestra and superb conductor."

Palm Beach Daily News

"You could have blindfolded an experienced listener, put him in a different room where he could scarcely hear the sounds, and he'd still recognize that liquid, Zukerman tone. There is no other like it....His sound is utterly inimitable - as it has been for more than 30 years - from its intense sweetness on high to its throaty richness at the depths of the instrument....And the molten gold that streams from the instrument is completely breathtaking. Fabulous playing."

The Herald (Glasgow)
"His reading, enriched by his extraordinary mixture of tonal size and beauty, possessed an essential nobility that was enriched by elegant phrasing and carefully judged emotional intensity."
The Strad
"The thing about Pinchas Zukerman is that he keeps getting better. The Israeli violinist long ago could have simply rested on his laurels. Yet there he was ....more passionate than ever, his virtuosity reminding us of the wonders of music and musician alike."
Miami Herald
"The precision and clarity of his sound and his strong romantic sensibility contribute to this excellence, but even more important is the intelligence of his interpretations. The listener is constantly engaged as he brings a little extra something to each phrase."
Ottawa Citizen
"Zukerman is blessed with unsurpassed natural talents. His elegant bowing is beautiful to watch, his tone is at once robust and silken, his approach to Beethoven magisterial."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Pinchas Zukerman is an aristocrat of the violin. He has a way of paring music down to its essence, with nothing frilly or wasted."
The New York Sun
"They've been presenting recitals and making recordings together for more than 20 years and, by now, Pinchas Zukerman and pianist Marc Neikrug have achieved the kind of togetherness, mutual support and seamlessness in their performances that chamber musicians strive for."
The Ottawa Citizen
"In Zukerman's hands, [Bruch's Violin Concerto in G minor] was simply extraordinary. From the first note, the violinist's sound was startlingly big, with a sweet upper register and a dark, soulful lower one."
The Cincinnati Enquirer
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