Ensemble | North American Representation

“Internationally renowned for their extremely mature and lyrical sound.”

The Strad

“It’s a rare blend: breadth of sound and capriciousness combined with perfect tuning and ensemble has the players sounding absolutely of one voice… Nothing less than life-affirming.”


“The Quartetto di Cremona exude phenomenal energy and momentum.”

BBC Music Magazine

“The quartet are magnificent, with playing of such spirit, precision and understanding...it is the individual voices of these players that are so beautiful as well as they way they interact so naturally.”

The Classical Review

“My goodness, here is something special. The group sound reminds me in some ways of that of the great Quartetto Italiano.”

The Herald Scotland

“The Cremona Quartet completes its Beethoven series with a fine coupling, combining exemplary technique and intonational purity with an interpretive acuity that strips away 19th-century rhetoric while avoiding the pitfalls of sounding merely ‘historically informed’.”

The Strad

"These interpretations are powerful, vibrating, excitingly intense and inspiring from the very first to the very last note, providing decisive proof of Quartetto di Cremona's overwhelming technical capacity and fantastic musicianship."

ICMA 2018 Jury

“The Quartetto di Cremona’s magnificent survey of Beethoven’s complete String Quartets moves securely and unquestionably into mastery... such warm playing; such perfection on a silver disc; what a glory this is.”

Herald Scotland

“This is the most exciting new disc of string quartet playing that I have come across for a long time…Altogether a revelation.”

Michael Tanner, BBC Music Magazine
Total: 9 (Viewing: 1–9)