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"Yun displayed a robust, muscular sound in the cadenza that complemented the tug-of-war that occurs between soloist and orchestra in this work. He never struggled to be heard over the full forces of the orchestra, but he brought more than brawn to the party. In particular, he shaded the third movement’s extended rondo with dazzling flourishes of color and a sense of intimacy amid the finale’s gathering musical storm."


“Tony is a true poet of the keyboard. Expressive, and with his own distinct voice, yet elegant and poised.”

Pianist Magazine

"His playing was noteworthy in all three movements: strong and forthright in the march-like opening, with gentle cantabile and subtle phrasing following on in the song of the slow movement...In the finale, the endless cascades of octaves and arpeggios were dispatched with skill, finesse, and almost nonchalant ease...An enormous standing ovation greeted the final notes, entirely merited."

Large Stage Live

"With a refined touch, he deploys a rich palate of nuances in a concerto very well chosen for its style and personality. Sincerity and musicality emerge from his interpretation."

Ludwig Van
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