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"Handed On is a project where we present new Nordic music in an accessible format, intended for anyone who is looking for material in this genre for learning or teaching. 58 new melodies written by Dreamers' Circus are presented both in video format as well as a sheet music book."
Sound: three iPhones
Video: Emile Carlsen from 'Møn Sessions'
Dreamers' Circus - Blue White Gold - Album Teaser
Recorded May 29th 2020 on our live stream release concert at Møn Sessions in Denmark.

Video editing: Simon Sticker

Full release concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IQYWZkEVLM
Courtesy of Møn Sessions
Composed by: Nikolaj Busk / Dreamers' Circus
Video edit by: Emile Carlsen
New music video of Danish folk group, Dreamers’ Circus, inspired by H.C.Andersen.
This is a collaboration of Dreamers’ circus music, story of Andersen and Japanese woodcut art by Akemi Yamafuku.
Beautiful music and arts will invite you to the world of Nordic imagination.
Dreamers' Circus feat. Selene Muñoz
Live @ Sydney Opera House