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Contemporary and endlessly innovative Nordic folk music trio. 

Posted: May-21-2020
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Posted: Sep-7-2023
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Dreamers' Circus
DR Børnekoret, conducted by Susanne Wendt

Together with the folk music band Dreamers' Circus, the DR Children's Choir has recorded a new album of old Danish children's songs in new arrangements of Dreamers' Circus.

Posted: May-31-2022
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"Everything, anything is fodder for a song. They gather up impressions from wherever their travels take them and share. They thrust us into discoveries or sweep us into a meditative moment when being at one with the world is o.k. It’s immersive with mind, heart, body, and soul in music’s sway and lift."

— Nuvo
Posted: Feb-7-2022
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Posted: Mar-1-2023