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Capping a 20 year career next year, Robert Spano will leave the Atlanta Symphony with an enduring legacy impacting thousands of aspiring musicians and composers.
Concerto for Orchestra
I (0:13)
II (8:50)
III Mystical (13:49')
IV (25:29)
V (31:17')

Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia
Robert Spano, director

Grabación realizada en el Palacio de la Ópera de A Coruña el 20 de abril de 2018
Realización de Antonio Cid / RDC Producciones
Audio de Pablo Barreiro / CRTVG
Foto: ©Candace DiCarlo
The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra celebrates a decade of Robert Spano and his initiatives during his 10th season as Music Director.

MUSIC: Atlanta School of Composers members composed fanfares in the 2010-11 season to celebrate Robert Spano's 10 years with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Heard on video Christopher Theofanidis's Une Certaine Joie de Vivre, and Adam Schoenberg's Up!.

VIDEO EDITING: Michael Pietrobon and Samantha Young, Pinwheel Studios

VIDEO FOOTAGE: Adam Jones and Steven McCrary

PHOTOS: Chris Lee, JD Scott, Jeff Roffman, Jennifer Taylor, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Archives
Monday, June 25, 2012 at the Benedict Music Tent
Alan Fletcher - President and CEO of the Aspen Music Festival - announces Robert Spano as the festivals new director of music
Emory University's Artist in Residence Robert Spano in an interview with Becky Herring.
October 14, 2012
34th Annual Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards
Continuing his duties as Emory University's Artist in Residence, Robert Spano talks about Mozart's fascination with numerology, particularly related to Freemasonry.
Robert Spano talks about the structure of the fugue and demonstrates some of its fine points at the piano
Robert Spano talks about how music expresses a nonverbal philosophical way of thinking. Music's symbols and tones cannot be expressed through words, which are not precise enough to express the layers and depths of tonality
Robert Spano talks about how conducting the works of Mozart is informed by knowing about Mozart's life
The beauty is in the shared experience, Robert Spano says about live performances in this class clip from MUS 470 (Harmonic Experience: Metaphysics and Music). I dont know of a musician who plays the same way in a rehearsal or practice as they do in a performance. Its an act of giving. Composer, performers, audience -- if any of those things are missing, we dont have the art.