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"What they do know is how to be an exceptional quartet, whatever repertory they play."

Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

“A concert that was as comprehensively rewarding as any chamber-music performance in recent memory… Do not lose track of this group: Even by today’s high standards, it offers something very special.”

David Weininger, The Boston Globe

“The Danish are remarkable, as ever – capable of intense blend, extreme dynamic variation (in which they seem glued together), perfect intonation even on harmonics, and constant vitality and flow.”

Andrew Mellor, Gramophone

"This is one of the best quartets before the public today."

Robert Battey, The Washington Post

"[The] DSQ has established itself as one of the most exceptional international ensembles playing today. Impeccable, highly disciplined and dynamic musicianship come with a relaxed, platform presence which communicates to audiences of all ages the joy, excitement, sadness and humour of chamber music."

Seen & Heard International

"There aren’t many groups like these charismatic Scandinavians. Each member is a virtuoso in his own right. However, their collective ensemble truly exceeds the sum of its parts : the ensemble playing is astonishingly unified in articulations, voicings, phrasings, dynamics, and spirit."

Boston Classical Review

"So what accounts for their anomalous success ? Great technique, naturally…. Even more important is the group's ability to unify in a way that doesn't stifle individual character .... Their special qualities surface forcefully in both live performance and on their excellent, smartly programmed recordings."

Wall Street Journal

"Its unity was astonishing, an oneness of purpose created by an intense precision of rhythm, matched timbres and ensemble balance."

San Diego Union-Tribune

"The Nielsen seldom appears in our concert halls, but proved a brilliant, dramatic work in the Beethovenian tradition, and was projected by these players with vividness and ardour.”

Paul Driver, The London Times
"...One of the most powerful performances of Opus 132 I’ve heard live or on disc. The musicians, acutely attuned to one another, didn’t appear to be on autopilot for even a millisecond, with every nuance, phrase and gesture beautifully wrought."
Vivien Schweitzer, New York Times
"I can't imagine a more involving performance."
Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

“They could be grounded in their tone or mystical. They allowed time to stand still, and they could assume the pose of excitingly aggressive rockers. They did it all.”

Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times

“…It was good to encounter the rampaging energy of the Danish Quartet, at the Scandinavia House, on Park Avenue. Whether in Mozart’s D-Minor Quartet, Ligeti’s First, or Nielsen’s Fourth, these shaggy-haired Danes, who look as though they could be manning some inscrutable boutique in deepest Brooklyn, seemed to sing, dance, strut, and glide their way through the music. For the Dacapo label, they’ve recorded a superb survey of the Nielsen quartets; in zest and twang, it out-does even vintage accounts by the Koppel Quartet , which had links to the composer.”

Alex Ross, The New Yorker

"My introduction to this group was as dramatic as one could have. It was in the absolutely inhuman and unforgiving scenario of the audition, where they came all the way over from Copenhagen to audition at Lincoln Center. When somebody comes from overseas at their own expense to do an audition, you feel bad for them already. And we had this panel of judges sitting there, all incredible musicians; been through it all. And these guys walked out to play, and they looked like Scandinavian bandits or Old West bandits. They were wearing vests and white shirts, and they had this wild, spiky blond hair. We looked at them and thought, 'Wow, this is really off the wall.'
And they sat down, and they started to play. I think they started with Haydn and then they went to Beethoven Op. 127, the slow movement, one of the most profound pieces. And they started to play it, and I looked down the length of this long table of judges; there wasn't a pencil moving. They were all just sitting there, transfixed; one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. I think they have really a profound effect on people who hear them play. I'm just so excited that they're coming."

David Finckel

"Most of the music in this concert was of the kind that makes its musical points when performed with ultra refinement, pliancy of phrasing and tone, and a sense of reflection. In music of this type, the Danish Quartet has no peer."

Kenneth Delong, The Calgary Herald

“The Danish String Quartet is in a different league altogether, and one that should be attended every time they're in town.”

Christina Strynatka, Examiner.com
"...A suitably dramatic and rhythmic performance which caught one's attention from the start... [a] lively and fresh-sounding ensemble."
Roger Jones, Seen and Heard International
"They bring a freshness and energy plus a level of sheer accomplishment that I don't ever remember hearing in these works."

David Fanning, Gramophone

“[The Danish String Quartet] plays with an urgency that can feel dangerous, and with a unity of intention that makes familiar material stand out in bold relief, as if it were brand new territory… This is a group that makes you listen.”

San Jose Mercury News
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