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"Their combination of outsized string sound, exciting ensemble precision, and compelling interpretation puts them at the head of the Piano Trio division in the Chamber Music Major League."

San Diego Union-Tribune

“This was an autumnal cameo, in Sydney's winter twilight, of supremely beguiling charm and masterly musical intimacy.”

Sydney Morning Herald

"With Pinchas Zukerman’s matchless musicianship and charisma at its core, this is a trio made in heaven. His South African-born wife Amanda Forsyth brings passion and formidable technique as a cellist, and Canadian pianist Angela Cheng is the dream accompanist who lives every note."

Limelight Magazine
"The cleanly articulated performance was elevated by an uncommon passion, both in the tender Adagio and in the finale that shifts abruptly from sadness to joy."
The Chicago Tribune

“The balance among the three was flawless and their execution seamless. Forsyth is a bodacious performer — she's doesn't do "tentative" — and it was glorious. Cheng's keyboard work was nuanced and delightful. Zukerman, meanwhile, is something of a Zen master to whom technique and expression are exact and mature. This was an auspicious start to the season.”

Commercial Appeal

“Consummate and charismatic musicians, the trio made for a tight-knit chamber ensemble.”

The Scotsman

“The folk-like, gypsyesque lines skipped and sparkled wildly between the two string players - whose music came flashily alive - roaring like lions, serenading like larks, swarming like bees and painting a magically vivid panorama of fresh and enormous Hungarian landscapes – it was musically intoxicating.”

Edinburgh Guide
"Those who came to gawk at Zukerman got some great music-making in the bargain...this was a superb performance that lifted the listener out of everyday worries."
Montreal Gazette

"It was remarkable how well-balanced the group sounded.”

Washington Post
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