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"His new Piano Classics disc of the piano music of Leoš Janáček is the most sensitive and deeply probative recording of the Czech master I have heard… Fejérvári plays all the mature works with a sure grasp of Janáček’s idiomatic style, drawing on a carefully calibrated spectrum of touch and, more importantly, a wealth of imagination… These deliciously understated performances reward repeated listening. I look forward to hearing more of the purity and imagination of Fejérvári’s piano playing."


“(Fejérvári) evidenced dazzling technique that can rank with the best piano virtuosi and his interpretive instincts were consistently revelatory. He imbued even the most overt display pieces with subtlety and aristocratic insight.”

South Florida Classical Review

“What’s more, the balances [Diana Tishchenko] achieves with her pianist, Zoltán Fejérvári, are never less than ideal: all of the Sonata’s contrapuntal textures come across with breathtaking clarity. Certainly, Fejérvári is Tishchenko’s interpretive equal, providing a wonderfully shaded account of the Ravel’s keyboard part. Together, they turn in a spunky, seductive take on the central ‘Blues’ movement and an ecstatic, rhythmically taut reading of the ‘Moto Perpetuo’ finale that all but brings the house down.”

Arts Fuse

“Fejérvári’s playing is multi-layered and precise, requiring full concentration on the part of the audience. Every note has its own particular dynamic, character, and expression.”


“Fejérvári’s rendition of Schumann was tender, philosophical, and somewhat introspective, but he played with great passion where necessary. He interpreted the slow movement with a speaking rubato and showed us his Florestanian temperament in the last movement, which made the performance truly authentic.”

Total: 5 (Viewing: 1–5)